*1938, Groningen, NL


Albertus Johannes Holsheimer, born 1938 in Groningen, The Netherlands, contributed to many designs of European automobiles from the 1960′s to 1990′s.
Albertus was involved in the design of the Ford Taunus 15M, 17M, Capri I, the Opel range of the 1980′s with Opel Kadett D, Senator/Monza A, Opel Corsa and Opel Astra.

Since the early 1970’s Albertus Holsheimer draws and paints automobiles and cityscapes as commissions for companies and private clients.


Painting and drawing techniques


Car paintings

The beauty of the deep reflections in the car´s bodies define the unique style of A.J. Holsheimer´s artwork. Albertus usually paints with acrylic or gouache on canvas or cardboard. The paintings range from photorealistic to wild and expressionist.


Car drawings

Albertus’ drawings are made with colour pencil, chalk and white gouache on canson paper. Similar to his different painting styles, Albertus creates a wide variation from highly detailed reflection renderings to loosely sketched drawings.


Still life paintings of car bags

A great success are Albertus‘ „bag paintings“ – still life paintings of plastic bags with car logos. They gain international recognition amongst car and art enthusiasts.

For inspiration Albertus is always on the hunt for bags with an automotive background…


Paintings of american road scenes

One of Albertus’ favorite topics are american street scenes: cars at Route 66 diners, in small desert towns or in front of New York shop windows.


Paintings of buildings

Beside his automotive work Albertus paints and draws buildings, mostly as commissions, sometimes also in combination with cars.


Paintings of cityscapes

Albertus started painting photo-realistic cityscapes in the mid 1970‘s. He still paints these, mainly of dutch and german towns.